QuietFire (quietfire_) wrote in stupid_pets,

Towels XD

So my sister's dumb dog Bugs is the insparation for this community. I was sitting in my room earlier today and Bugs was sitting out in the TV room barking his head off down the hall so mom and I sat there trying to figure out what he was barking at. Mom suggested the pile of folded towels sitting on the book shelf at the end of the hall so she moved them and sure enough as soon as she put them away he stopped barking. while I'm at it I might as well list a few other things bugs is scared of.

Mom's Massage Table
The Space Heater
The Foam Sleeping Wegde (it keeps you elevated so you dont lie flat)

Thats just to name a few thing but the list goes on and on.

Oh and he HATES opera, the golden girls song and American Idol XD
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