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Cat with an oral fixation?

My stupid kitten decided that my bra looked like something she would like to EAT. I was brushing my teeth, and noticed her batting it around, and figured I would take it away from her as soon as I was done. Five seconds later, I hear a horrid gagging noise. I run over to her, and she stops gagging and just looks up at me. I notice that my bra is missing the part of the clasp that has the hook. Not just the hook, but most of the strap too! SHE ATE IT!

Stupid cat.

I called the vet, and they said to keep an eye on her, but she would most likely be fine.


I forgot to mention that my cell phone is not working right now... WHY, you ask?
Because that lovely kitten of mine CHEWED the charger cord into three pieces!

Yes, she has many, MANY toys... She just like the thrill of choking and electric shocks...
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