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stupid_pets's Journal

The Stupid and Silly Things Your Pets Do
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This is a community to share the stupid or silly things your pets do. all species are welcome here! fish, birds, cats, dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, bunnies, lizards, snakes, rats, mice, horses, degus, sugar gliders, parrots, tarantulas, gerbils, chinchillas and any other pet you can think of!

does your cat flip out and play "mission impossible" in the litterbox? do you laugh at the hilarious things your goofy dog does? does your bird hang upside down and whistle at you? tell us about it! pets are a JOY to have around and besides the companionship they provide, we also get a few laughs. please, feel free to introduce your silly pets and the funny things they do!

pictures are always welcome.

this is a PG-13 community so lets keep it as such please.

no trolling or flaming or our mods will be forced to whip out the Bannination Hammer (TM)