Sono Eliane Anderson-Kei (sono_cat) wrote in stupid_pets,
Sono Eliane Anderson-Kei

It's like some kind of idiotic fairy tale.

I find that my cats are some of the strangest and most wonderful creatures I've ever known. Simon, a cat I shared time with up untill five years ago gave me some of the greatest memories of my life. I'll share one of my favorites.

Simon, like most cats, was a hunter. My grandmother's house is old, and at the time there was a family of mice living in the house. Since it was winter they were inside more often, and Simon liked to catch them. He'd caught amouse for me before, as a gesture of compassion, so I knew the signs when he was brining me one...

So I'm sitting on the computer and I hear a muffled yowling at the other end of the hall. I get up and go to the door, concerned about the familiar sound. And, as if in cue, simon come strotting up the hall with a grey fuzzy thing in his mouth. As he gets closer, it is obviously a mouse. I'm a little freaked, but it's not moving so i figure I can handle it without waking up my Dad, who was taking a nap at the time.

So Simon reaches me at the end of the hall, and looks up at me with his big yellow-brown eyes, and drops the mouse at my feet. I screamed. The mouse began running around the area of the hallway we were in. Simon chased him around a bit for fun.

Now at the end of my hallway is our TV/Computer room, where I was, and then the hallway turns and goes a bit to my room where it ends. The door to the TV room, and my room were the only doors ther were open. If the mouse went anywhere nere me or my room, Simon would jump on him, and pick him up, and then put him down the hall a bit away from my room, and chanse him again.

He was playing the "knight in shining armor" to my "damsel in distress", protecting me from the evil "monster" that he'd found in the house. though once I got over the initial shock I picked Simon up and woke my Dad to get rid of the mouse.

Looking back on it it was funny, and sort of sweet though.
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